Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

Day 23: Scarf

This is by far my favorite scarf of this season. I love scarves though! :D 

Day 22: Tradition

I love that crackers are a tradition here! We never had that growing up! We also enjoyed a fairly new tradition of "bubbles and nibbles." Here's to many more years of a fun tradition! 

Day 21: Peace

I am finally at peace now that I put my last tray of cookies in the oven. We only made 5 different types of cookies! Hopefully everyone enjoyed them. 

Day 20: Tree Topper

Ours lights up!

Day 19: Candy Canes

We didn't buy any actual candy canes this year, so this will do! 

Day 18: Stockings

Our lovely hand knitted stockings :)

Day 17: Presents

Look at this haul! We have some lucky folks in our family with this lot of gifts!

Day 16: Outside Christmas Lights

Our Main Street is a bit festive with their wreath lights!

Day 15: Favorite Holiday Song

It is hard to choose just one! But I thought that this is one of my favorites from A Charlie Brown Christmas. 

Day 14: Christmas Tree

We went to a nice holiday party at a friends' house tonight and they had this cute little tree :]

Day 13: Family

I wasn't around any family today but thought I'd post the gift I made for the fella's family cat! I made him little cat nip mice. I'm sure that he is going to love it! 

Day 12: A Beautiful Sight

This one isn't Christmas themed but here are some pretty flowers. :)

Day 11: Green

My mom sent me a Christmas care package and put this little guy inside! 

Day 10: Wrapping paper

I got to wrapping my gifts early this year! I  think it's really enjoyable and you can think of the recipient as you wrap. 

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